Canoga Park Pediatric Dentist

Children’s Oral Health should not be taken for granted. Proper dental care should be applied in children at their early age (18 to 24 months). Especially, when children suffer from early tooth problems, their parents should bring them to the dental clinic as soon as possible.

Most of the parents don’t know the importance of maintaining baby teeth. Many of the dentists’ advice that it is very important for the parents to take good care of their children’s baby teeth even though it is not yet permanent teeth. Damaged and infected baby teeth can cause improper growth to the permanent teeth. This improper growth can cause stains, pits and weaker teeth. Always remember that the baby teeth hold space for the upcoming appearance of the permanent teeth.

At the early age of 4, children start to lose their teeth. Until the age of 12 or 13, children will continue to lose their baby teeth until all of the permanent teeth take place.

When a permanent tooth gets knocked out, parents must immediately attach the tooth back to its socket and immediately bring their child to the nearest dental clinic. Always remember that in this kind of situation, time is very important. However, this remedy is not applicable to baby tooth. It is because that the baby tooth can cause damage to the growth of the upcoming permanent tooth. In cases when the parents do not know if it is a baby or a permanent tooth, dentists advice the parents to simply place the tooth in a glass of milk then go the nearest clinic to ask for determination by the dentist. The same thing is what others should do when they are not comfortable of putting back a permanent tooth. However, if you want to avoid such problems, most of the dentist advice that your children wear a mouthguard while playing contact sports.